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La Sostenibilidad, nuestra premisa

Suites at Sea begins as a family project. We, the Aragonés family, raised the foundations of this building with a clear objective. All the apartments had to be functional, as well as sustainable.

At Suites at Sea, we promote respect for nature through an experience full of beauty and comfort.

Our apartments are located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, a place for which we feel great respect and that we think should be respected.

To carry out our work in the most beneficial way possible for the environment, we use all the technologies that are within our reach to reduce the impact on the environment. Likewise, we promote local culture and the consumption of our local products, favoring the circular economy and reducing the carbon footprint.

Upon arrival at our apartments, our clients receive detailed information on the operation of all the facilities of the house. A very characteristic part of the apartments are their shutters. In addition to being designed in the characteristic colors that avocate the picturesque colored houses of Villajoyosa, these blinds are motorized with a bioclimatic adjustable system, which allows effective action for sun protection.

Our building has five floors and spectacular views of the sea and inside it has an elevator that works with a kinetic energy recovery system. What does this mean? The regenerative drive is a frequency variator that includes an energy recovery system from the movement of the elevator. Under certain conditions of load and direction of movement of the cabin, the regeneration system integrated in the variator generates three-phase electrical current. This electrical current is returned to the building's distribution center and can be used by other electrical elements in the building.

As we mentioned, the views of the sea from the building are overwhelming. With this, we could not miss the opportunity to create open and private spaces for each ground floor of the building. Both there and around the building, an ecosystem of native plants has been created that provides a pleasant and integrated environment in the area.

We live in a place with hot temperatures in summer and being able to cool the environment at certain times is essential. At this point we also wanted to contribute with an eco cooling and heating system through a geothermal heat pump. This will make the available temperature between 21º and 24º.

We firmly believe in development but at the same time, we believe that development must be responsible. And at Suites at Sea we put our grain of sand every day by encouraging our clients to recycle, to deposit their non-organic waste in the special containers designated for it, to consume electricity responsibly and to help us become a “zero footprint” building. "

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